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Healthcare Digital Signage

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The easiest, most effective, and secure digital signage solution available

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Why Choose WellVue365?

Partnered with Google

Google has partnered with WellVue365 to provide healthcare with the highest standard in digital signage technology.

Specifically Designed for Healthcare

Founded by Doctors for Doctors, we are experts in healthcare. We have created a platform to make healthcare operate more efficiently and profitably. To increase patience compliance and adherence. To positively enhance patient outcomes.

Lowest Costs Available

Our Digital Signage Solution offers the lowest cost of deployment as well as the lowest total overall cost of ownership, guaranteed!

Increased Information Retention

With our digital signage solution your audience will retain the information shown better, increasing the power of your message.

Easiest Platform to Use

We offer an easy to use drag-and-drop system so you can create your screens quickly and easily.

We offer only the best

and here's why:

Easy to Use

Drag and Drop technology without pre-set screen formats enables even a computer novice to create dynamic riveting presentations quickly and with ease. No Stress here!

Most Secure

The Google Chrome Operating System is the most secure operating system available for Digital Displays

Lowest Costs

Simply Put: Guaranteed to be the lowest cost to deploy and operate

Social Media Integration

Incorporate all your Social Media that's important to you on your screens.

Cloud-based Software

Access your account from any browser anywhere and experience the power of unlimited upload capabilities and ease of use

Free Support

Free is good! No hidden fees, charges or costs. All-inclusive pricing provides unlimited webinar/email support

Game Integration

Games are pre-loaded and available so your viewers can interact in real time with your screens

Google Partner

We chose each other after a very comprehensive and selective process because together we offer a superb software solution, with tremendous value and an awesome user experience

Create captivating and effective screens

without any technical design skills

Our software comes with an easy to use drag and drop system to create your perfect screen!

We also offer many pre-designed templates - just insert your content and you're good to go!

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